Hi, thank you for visiting. This blogging business was alien to me until my first-born dragged me into the twenty-first century. He set up jhbooks@jhbooksblog and since then, through trial and error, I’ve found out just enough to run it!

I’m currently based in Sussex but tramp the fells of Cumbria at every opportunity and take photos of dubious quality. Having left the NHS, I’m a church verger and give highlight talks at the National Trust’s Petworth House. In addition, I write, review, do a bit of yoga and buy too many clothes.

I’m a regular contributor to Whispering Stories, a glorious reviewing blog created by Stacey who would love you to pop over and take a look. In addition, I accept a few paperbacks directly from authors or publishers.

For children’s book reviews, I enlist the services of my grandchildren. This is Grandchild Six getting to grips with a book sent to me recently.

Julie Haiselden – Reviewing Policy

My fourth novel, Final Shadows, has just been published and completes my intrusion into the lives of the residents of Blenthorne, my fictitious Lake District village.

So what next – who knows where my scribbling will take me?

You can also find me at:

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