I’m Julie Haiselden; welcome to my life!

Hello, all – I apologise for neglecting this page of late and have attempted a quick revamp below.

I’m an amateur photographer (usually courtesy of my phone), enthusiastic walker if there’s a tearoom at the end of the route and chaotic cook. When I’m not nagging, moaning and inadvertently poisoning my nearest and dearest, I work at a local GP practice.

In addition and for reasons best known to themselves, my old school asked if I would become an alumna, so that’s a lot of fun and I’ve also been known to tread the boards and shout a few incoherent directions at others.

So I’m sure the reason for the blog is pretty obvious – as well as the above, I write crime thrillers and would really like to sell a few books.  I have two published novels to date and having struggled to find a home for the third, am currently taking a writing sabbatical.

Below is the link to my novel second:

and here’s my first:

To fill the writing void, I’m reading and reviewing regularly for Whispering Stories, a glorious blog created by Stacey who would love you to pop over to take a look. I also personally take a few paperbacks and my reviewing policy can be found by following the link below:


I’ve also just joined team at Whispering Stories’ sister blog, Whispering Wanders and now I tend to look more objectively at places I visit. So wander over and see what we’ve all been up to (sorry).

Whilst I’m not a great cook, I do share the odd recipe here and there, particularlyi-W8c2KTn-XL[1] anything that I can create on a tight budget.

Sadly, there are unlikely to be any cakes as I’ve never managed to create anything worth photographing, yet alone eating. However I will share this photo with you.  My incredibly clever daughter-in-law, Emily-the-Doctor, made this wedding cake so I’m shamelessly basking in reflected glory.

This, dear reader, is what I aspire to.  For now, I’ll stick to the day job.

Thanks for popping by and please have a browse around the topics on the ribbon above. (So proud I finally found out how to add things!)

You can also find me at any of the following:


I appreciate all feedback and respond to every contact. Thank you for reading.  Jx





2 Responses to Homepage

  1. MG WELLS says:

    Best wishes and thanks for sharing. Enjoy the journey!

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