IMG_20160121_135119816.jpgI’m Julie Haiselden; welcome to my blog!

Hello, thank you for visiting.

I’m primarily a homemaker and  chaotic cook but when I’m not nagging and inadvertently poisoning my nearest and dearest, I write crime/thriller novels and work at a local GP practice.

I’m a luddite when it comes to blogging so I’m limping along and learning as I go. My categories are listed on the top ribbon.

You can click on the ribbon for:

  • Novel News including publishing/marketing pitfalls for new authors.
  • Reviews via Amazon and guest reviews from the Whispering Stories team.
  • Recipes including ‘Supper on a Shoestring’ for about £1 per person.
  • Clive’s Cumbrian Chronicles walking tales from a keen/careful Cumbrian climber.
  • Introducing Miss Ellie-Mae author and children’s short story reviewer.
  • Life eclectic bits including my occasional ‘Carping over Coffee’ feature.
  • Snapshots into the life of … come and meet my guests who have a tale to tell.

I’m delighted to say my second novel, ‘Evil Echoes’ has now been released, dispelling my fear that I only had one book in me.  Many of my readers wanted a sequel to ‘Long Shadows’ but when I sat down to write, a Victorian prequel came out instead. Inevitably, I was on tender hooks waiting for that all important first review but thankfully, it’s amazing, so thank you so much, whoever you are!

(more news on the follow up to LS below).  


My on-going project is a collection of short stories for children between the ages of four and seven.  Working title – ‘Five Before Bedtime’ and  I’m delighted to say that I’m collaborating with amazing illustrator, Sarah Grimwood-Jones.


I enjoy reading the work of other writers and intermittently take a few hard or paperbacks to review for authors who prefer this to downloads; I publish via Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter and my blog.  I have a waiting list currently but please contact me via social networks for details.

I’m part of the reviewing team at Whispering Stories and can be found via the following sites:

In addition, I’m a school alumna and occasional am-dram actress/director. I enjoy walking and photography – although with the latter, my enthusiasm outweighs my skill set.

I look forward to connecting via jhbooksblog, Twitter, Facebook or Mumsnet.

Thank you for dropping in; please have a browse around my categories at any time.

Latest News: The first draft of the manuscript ‘Reasonable Doubt?’ has tumbled onto the laptop so hopefully this time next year, readers will find out what happens to Lizzie Lockwood.  To be honest I haven’t had much input as the lady herself has written most of this new adventure … but I may have to rein her in a bit with my editorial pen … but then again …

Upcoming Events: Oasis Community Group 23 May 2017 – I’m looking forward to meeting the team and members of the group at St Andrews Church, Burgess Hill, West Sussex.  I’ll be chatting about my journey as a writer and recounting some of my adventures along the way.  I believe there is also tea and cake … naturally that did not sway my decision to accept their kind invitation.

Julie H

PS: My regular guest Clive has exceeded his LDSAMRA fundraising target so he would like me to pass on his grateful thanks to all who supported his appeal. The link to the category is available on the top ribbon.  His JustGiving page is still active for anyone who would like to contribute.


The eagle-eyed among you may recognise one of the photos below as the inspiration for the cover of my first novel, ‘Long Shadows’.

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