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Welcome to my homepage

Hello and thank you for visiting. This was new to me a couple of years ago and without a sharp shove from my elder son, I would still be none the wiser.  He kindly set up my blog and since then, through trial and error, I’ve found out just enough to run it myself! I confess that since my discovery of widgets, I’m delirious with delight.

I divide my time between Sussex and Cumbria. I’m always on the look out for a quick, easy and cheap recipe to share; I tramp the fells at every opportunity and take photos whenever possible. Last year, I left the NHS and am now a church verger and regular volunteer at the National Trust’s Petworth House. In my spare time, I write and do a bit of yoga.

I’m a regular contributor to Whispering Stories, a glorious reviewing blog created by Stacey who would love you to pop over and take a look. In addition, I accept a few paperbacks directly from authors or publishers.

For children’s book reviews, I enlist the services of my grandchildren. This is Grandchild Six getting to grips with a book sent to me recently.

My reviewing policy can be found via the ribbon above or by following the link below:


Having gone down the traditional publishing route for my first two books, my literary project for 2019 was learning (with a lot of help from the aforementioned Stacey) how to self-publish my third novel. A huge thank you to everyone who has browsed or bought it to date. My fourth offering is taking shape nicely and should be published later this year. This will be the final trip to my fictitious Lake District village and after that, who knows where my scribbling will take me?

Below are a few snapshots of my life to date. Thank you for dropping in and please have a browse around the topics on the ribbon above. You can also find me at:

I appreciate all feedback and respond to every contact.

With every good wish and kind regards,


2 Responses to About…

  1. koalamintpluto46047 says:

    Your “Evil Echoes” book cover is great.

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