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Every Bride Must Decide…

Those of you who follow my blog regularly (grateful thanks, obviously) will know that my daughter was a #LockdownBride. Having had her wedding cancelled by the March restrictions, she re-booked for the end of September. The stress this was causing, … Continue reading

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Take Heart, Take Control and have a Wonderful Wedding!

A difficult choice faces those wishing to tie the knot in the foreseeable future. If you want the wedding of your dreams, you’re currently stuck in an awful limbo and you have my utmost sympathy. If you just want to … Continue reading

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Life of a Lockdown Writer…

As an author of three published books and a half completed manuscript on the laptop, one would think a lockdown would be the ideal environment. Yet the nearest I’ve come to the written word has been reading and reviewing other … Continue reading

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Who Knew – Part Two ..

In February we discussed humble-bragging. That seems like a lifetime ago.  Here we are in May with a new collection of word and phrases which have entered our vocabulary in the last couple of months.  I now give you: flattening the curve … Continue reading

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Who Knew?

I read the following a few weeks ago on social media and felt vaguely irked:  “I’m almost embarrassed by the reaction to my first book; can’t believe I’ve sold over a hundred copies in the first month – who knew?” … Continue reading

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Meet my new Yoga Partners!

I’ve reached the half way point in my thirty days of yoga. I’ve subscribed to a YouTube channel (free!) and the instructor encourages sharing, so take a look at the end of this post. Best to take medical advice if … Continue reading

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Join Julie on the Yoga Mat

Those of you who are keeping me company on my latest attempt at fitness in mind and body, will know I recently took up yoga but had decided not to get a mat in case it was a five minute … Continue reading

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A Lady of a Certain Age…

I readily admit to being a lady of a certain age; not only that, but I’ve just stopped taking HRT. Currently, I’m either hot, cross, tired or miserable – often all at the same time.  My GP said if it really … Continue reading

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Fabulous Phone Boxes!

When I was visiting the south coast recently, I came across this wonderful idea; a phone box being utilised as a community book exchange! How novel, I thought (sorry) took a photograph and promptly forgot about it.  Then today, I … Continue reading

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Finally going Crackers

A bit of a departure for me as I’m not known for my creativity but this year I decided to make my own Christmas crackers! I have made twelve for about 75p each. The benefits of homemade crackers are mainly … Continue reading

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