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Weekend Diary of an Ageing Hen …

Hot on the heels of last week’s Buckingham adventure, I was off again!  This time to attend a hen weekend with fourteen thirty-something ladies. September 2016 – Invitation arrived for hen weekend. Protested that I was rather long in the tooth … Continue reading

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The Birthday Adventures of a 50-Something Novelist

When the other half says, ‘What do you want for your birthday this year?’ I normally look a bit befuddled and then say something along the lines of; ‘I bought some trousers and tops (without telling you) a few weeks ago, … Continue reading

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The Five Minute Followers

Whilst I’m not a natural social medial creature, I realised that as an author with books to sell, I needed to get involved. Over recent times I’ve built up a bit of a following on the ‘T’ thing.  If someone is kind enough to … Continue reading

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Wednesday Winter Walk

Yesterday dawned bright and sunny so I spent the day with Mr JH at Nymans, a National Trust property in West Sussex and here are a few snaps I took on the phone.  

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How Soon Is Too Soon?

If I’m honest, once bonfire night is out of the way, even before Remembrance Sunday, I start thinking about … it. I begin to look for signs that others feel the same way; the odd bit of tinsel, a sprig of … Continue reading

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Office Girl or Feral Novelist?

The end of a pretty strange week. It’s a long time since I worked formally, so when I had an email from a local GP practice looking for a summariser/coder, my initial reaction was to discard it. For the last two … Continue reading

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Six Months in Pictures – Part III

Another in my occasional series looking back at six months in the Cumbrian fells. This time I’m including some of the lovely folk of Egremont and a few that we imported to stay while we were there. And Kathy’s cat, who totally stole my heart, has again … Continue reading

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Carping over Coffee

… Or, another in my occasional series looking at life’s small vexations. I’ve had a grumble-free time of late and can only find two things with which to take indignant exception today. My latest grumble is the word ‘hack’. This … Continue reading

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Life Goes On …

Update on THE BIG MOVE. Without going into boring detail, our provider who shall remain nameless but has three letters and begins with S, messed up our reconnection to the world. The end result is  I shall be without broadband for a minimum of a month at … Continue reading

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Returns, Reactions, Resolutions, Reflections

As you may know, I’ve been ‘Up North’ for six months so that Mr JH could walk the fells and I could scribble; now it was time to return to Sussex.  I thought of the people I was leaving behind; the friendships I … Continue reading

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