The Dinosaur Who Lost Her Voice by Julie Ballard – Children’s Book Review

Reviewed by Julie and Jude

We received a free copy of this book


Pages: 32
Publisher: Egmont UK Ltd
Release date: 27 July 2019

About the Story

Dinosaur Milly Jo has a beautiful singing voice, but when a storm rages and brings down a tree, it falls on top of Milly and she loses her lovely voice! But can she find a new way to shine with the help of her friends? 


‘The Dinosaur Who Lost Her Voice’ is a rhyming picture book by children’s author, Julie Ballard. Milly Jo is a dinosaur who lived many years ago. She had a beautiful singing voice and was very popular because she was able to entertain all the other dinosaurs to 20190814_070021distract them from squabbling. One day a terrible event occurred which resulted in Milly losing her special gift. This is the story of how she overcame adversity with the help of her friends, to bring back happiness and harmony to her prehistoric world. 

This book is aimed at children aged three-five years, so at four, Jude was the ideal reviewer for this story, not least because he’s a huge dinosaur fan. He engaged extremely well and read some of the easier words himself. He particularly liked the bright and cheerful artwork and was able to identify the colour of each dinosaur. He thought it was a shame that Milly had lost her voice and we got slightly sidetracked discussing the logistics of how this accident could have caused such a debilitating injury. We discussed how important it was for Milly to remain positive and through the help of others, concentrate on her strengths, rather than be sad about what she had lost. 

This story has been thoughtfully written and very well presented. Hopefully it will resonate with young people who are living with any form of learning or communication difficulties. The message here is that they shouldn’t be defined by their limitations because, just like Milly, they too have hidden talents just waiting to be unlocked. They should accept the help of others which is freely and lovingly given to be the best possible version of themselves.

This is a delightful read with excellent illustrations and a straightforward story which will appeal to its target audience. It would make an ideal present for any child of the appropriate age to help spread awareness and understanding about the difficulties some may face. I asked Jude if he thought the story could have been improved in any way and he said it was perfect – therefore, it is entirely appropriate that I give it the perfect award of five stars.

The Author

Julie Ballard was a teacher and then a journalist before dusting off her keyboard to write some stories.

Chris Balcombe

She is now a children’s book author who loves dreaming up stories. She lives in Southampton with her husband, two sons, and three cats. The Dinosaur Who Lost Her Voice is her debut picture book.

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