Fabulous Phone Boxes!

When I was visiting the south coast recently, I came across this wonderful idea; a phone box being utilised as a community book exchange!


How novel, I thought (sorry) took a photograph and promptly forgot about it.  Then today, I was walking around town, delivering some letters from church by hand and guess what I found?


This fabulous phone box is not a mile from my home and was stuffed full of seed packets, plants and journals – in fact everything a passer-by could wish for, to start their own wild flower meadow!

From the look of several homes in the area, many people have taken advantage of this community initiative as their gardens looked amazing!

I definitely think this deserves a huge shout-out.  Well done to everyone involved.

Not sure how far I walked with Mr JH in two hours but I definitely arrived home lighter of spirit with my faith in altruism having been given an enormous boost.

Sudden Random Thought: Are we the only people on earth not to own a fitness tracker?

About Julie Haiselden

Between 1999-2019, I worked in the NHS and am now a Church of England verger and National Trust room guide. I've written three published novels and am an amateur blogger. As well as being a school alumna, I occasionally tread the boards. I enjoy rambling and taking photos. Since 2016, I've been part of the reviewing team at Whispering Stories.
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1 Response to Fabulous Phone Boxes!

  1. tomcwilliams says:

    I have a tracker on my phone (Strava) but I have yet to turn it on.

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