Self-publish? I couldn’t do that – could I?

I saw a post this week from an author who had been told by a hybrid publisher that her manuscript had been forwarded to a ‘Board of Editors’ for a decision which would be made in six weeks. What’s the betting the publisher will contact the author in exactly six weeks! A large envelope will plop onto her doormat and inside will be a glossy contract containing a paragraph something like:

‘This story is definitely a winner – congratulations!! We will endeavour get your book the attention it deserves. However, our marketing team have raised a concern that as you are a new author, we should (on this occasion) offer you a ‘shared-risk’ contract. Your contribution will be no more than a third of the cost. You can pay in ten installments …’

I have been contacted by many people who have had just such an experience, asking for advice and the attached link contains my detailed response.

The thing is, you really want to get that book out there and now you’ve been told it’s an almost certain money-spinner! What do you do? Some people use their savings; others take out a loan; many take a deep breath … and … do nothing.

Hands up if you have a manuscript languishing in a file on your laptop? So …


‘What’s the alternative?’  There are several options, including having a go yourself.

‘What if it’s a turkey and I end up looking silly?’ You won’t; you’ve produced a story that means a lot to you. If it needs a bit of a rewrite, your editor will give you pointers.

‘What if my readers hate it?’ A few might – you’ll never please everyone but far more will thoroughly enjoy it and who knows – it might be the beginning of something amazing!

‘It’s a minefield; I don’t know where to start!’ Fair point, I didn’t either a little while ago – so let’s do it together! Over the next few weeks, you can share my self-publishing experiences with help from some very talented people who make up #TeamHaiselden working on #ProjectPublication.

So fasten your safety belt and hold onto your hat!


(my next book will hopefully be published in the spring – no clue from the photograph)





About Julie Haiselden

Since 1999, I've worked in the NHS and am blessed with a happy family life. I write books and am a very amateur blogger. As well as being a school alumna, I occasionally tread the boards. I enjoy rambling and photography (although my enthusiasm for the latter, outweighs my skill set). Since 2016, I've been part of the reviewing team at Whispering Stories.
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