September Snippets

To the Anglo-Saxons it was ‘Gertsmonath’, to the Romans ‘Septum’ but we know it as the ninth month in the Julian and Gregorian calendars and call it September. It is the third of four months to have 30 days and for those who live in the northern hemisphere, the start of autumn.

Aide Memoire: ‘Thirty days hath September, April, June and November …’ is the way we remember how many days each month has (or is that just me?)

Virgo2Star Signs are earth sign Virgo and air sign Libra. As Libraneighbouring star signs, they have an empathy and so can work as a couple. The scales like fairness, harmony and peace. They enjoy living in partnership. They are most compatible with Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini and Leo.

Birth Stone is sapphire, typically blue but can also be yellow, purple, green, orange, grey and apparently black.

Sow and Grow spring cabbage and spinach for picking in April next year. Salad leaves can still be sown for eating this season so try mustard leaf or winter salad mixes. It is also possible to plant broad beans and peas which can both overwinter in the ground and be ready for picking next spring, although they need to be protected from frost; ditto onions, shallots and garlic. You still have time for another batch of radishes and if you plant them now, they will be ready in a few weeks. Turnips are another quick grower and will be ready to eat in six weeks.

Harvest onions, apples, runner beans, courgettes, potatoes and tomatoes. If some tomatoes aren’t ripe, these can be used to make chutney.

Flowers of the month are Morning Glory, Forget-Me-Not and Aster.20180816_165654

Moons are Barley, Full Corn or sometimes, Harvest Moon but this depends on when the autumn equinox falls and once every three years, the Harvest Moon falls in October.

Sporting events: Italian, Singapore and Russian Grand Prix, Cycling Tour of Britain, Great North Run, Cricket T20 Finals Day, Rider Cup (biennial).

Significant days:

  • 3 September – Merchant Navy Day
  • 4 September – National Wildlife Day (along with 22 February for double impact)
  • 8 September – International Literacy Day
  • 10 September – World Suicide Prevention Day
  • 15 September – Battle of Britain Day
  • 16 September – International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer
  • 21 September – International Day of Peace
  • 21 September – World Alzheimer’s Day
  • 22 September – World Car Free Day
  • 26 September – European Day of Languages
  • 27 September – my wedding anniversary (included in case Mr JH reads this post)
  • 29 September – World Heart Day
  • 29 September – Michaelmas Day

Songs with September in the title are plentiful but picking a few, ‘September Morn’ by Neil Diamond and Carole King’s ‘It Might As well Rain Until September’ with an R&B offering of ‘September’ by Earth Wind and Fire.

Gap in history: ‘Give us back our missing days!’ was the cry  in 1752 when Britain decided to abandon the Julian calendar, which was ever so slightly too long, in favour of the Gregorian calendar.  As a result, 3 September suddenly became 14 September.  Many people protested in the streets believing their lives would be shortened.

September Awareness includes: blood, childhood and prostate cancers, urology, vascular disease, oddfellows friendship and Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.

Last night of the proms is the finale of an eight weeks season of daily recitals of classical music held annually in the Albert Hall but in recent years there have also been simultaneous events held across the UK. ‘Proms’ is short for ‘Promenade Concerts’ and originally referred to outdoor performances in London pleasure gardens while people strolled in the sunshine.

During this month:

  • 1066 – William the Conqueror invades England
  • 1237 – Treaty of York establishes border between England and Scotland
  • 1399 – Richard II becomes the first English monarch to abdicate
  • 1486 – Arthur Tudor is born but died in 1502, leaving Henry VIII to inherit the crown
  • 1580 – Francis Drake returns on ‘Golden Hind’ having circumnavigated the globe
  • 1620 – ‘Mayflower’ leaves Plymouth taking the ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ to Massachusetts
  • 1658 – Oliver Cromwell dies
  • 1666 – Great Fire of London starts in Pudding Lane, London
  • 1741 – Handel finished the ‘Messiah’ which took only 24 days to write
  • 1825 – first railway passenger carrying service opens from Stockton to Darlington
  • 1840 – work begins on building Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square
  • 1915 – Cecil Chubb buys Stonehenge and gives it to the nation three years later
  • 1939 – Neville Chamberlain announces a declaration of war against Germany
  • 1972 – eleven Israeli athletes are killed in the Olympic village in Munich
  • 1985 – wreckage of Titanic is found 350 miles southeast of Newfoundland, Canada

Blooming chez Haiselden:    

And finally … September is National Organic Month, celebrating and encouraging everyone to try organic produce.  I’m still trying to get over having to share a particularly delicious plum with a maggot in 1985 …

Join me next time for some odds and ends in October!

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  1. I love finding out about the months from you – Next month is the best month – My birthday!!!

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