Hami and Me by Ellie-Mae

I’m very lucky to live in a house, like some people do, with my Mum, Dad, little sister and my pet hamster, Hami. I play with him every evening before I go to bed.  Sometimes I let him loose on the floor, but he always tries to get under the footstool or the sofa, so with a rush I have to scoop him back up.  I love to put him on my chest, he really enjoys it there. He loves playing in his exercise ball too. I bet you’re wondering how on earth I know what he does and doesn’t like. The reason I know? He tells me!

Now my hamster is no ordinary hamster, he’s a talking hamster.

 “A talking hamster?” I hear you cry! My hamster is special, my hamster is great, and my hamster is quite simply;


Here is how I found out Hami could talk and be so absolutely fantastic and such good fun!

Late one night I needed a glass of water so I crept downstairs being careful not to wake my snoring Mummy and Daddy, they always sound like thunder, especially mummy (shh, don’t tell her!)

As I walked through the dining room I found Hami’s cage door wide open and he was just about to leap out.

“What are you doing?” I asked, not for one minute expecting a reply. Then suddenly I heard,

 “I’m having an adventure, like every other night when you all go to bed”

 I nearly fell to the ground; I could hardly believe my eyes or ears for that matter.

“Come on, come on” Hami said excitedly let’s go and have an adventure together, it gets rather lonely on my own.”

 Before I could answer Hami was pushing a roll of tape into the kitchen.

 “What are you, I mean, what are we doing?”  I asked curiously.

 “Pranks of course!” replied Hami with a big smile across his fluffy little face.

With that, Hami ripped off a piece of tape with his razor sharp teeth and scuttled up the cupboard towards the tap, tape tucked safely in his paw. After licking it dry he stuck the tape to the tap, just where the water comes out. I’m sure you can guess what Hami was hoping would happen once the tap was turned on in the morning!

“This will get them back for cleaning out my cage,” he whispered before going around the house taping up all the other  taps.

As I followed him into the bathroom, I noticed he had a ball of cling film, he only went and lay this under the toilet seat.  Mum’s going to be so cross I thought to myself!

As quick as a flash, Hami rushed back into his cage and I hurried back to bed, scared of the snoring ones waking!

Next morning I woke up, thinking, what a funny dream I’d had, that was, until I went into the bathroom to use the toilet and wash my hands.



This is the second short story by Derbyshire-based author, Ellie-Mae.   This time she has given us a humorous tale about her hamster, Hami.

There is a good balance between dialogue and description and the author keeps her structure tight, maintaining an even momentum throughout.  Ellie-Mae demonstrates an able use of vocabulary and writes with a clear understanding of how to entertain her readers.

It was very easy to engage with the story and believe that this resourceful little hamster could get up to all manner of naughty escapades.  I think anyone visiting Ellie-Mae’s house would do well to check the facilities before using them.  I particularly like the ending; it cleverly leaves the reader wanting to know what havoc Hami might reek next!

I think Ellie-Mae’s writing style has evolved since her first short story, published last year. Practising her craft has enabled her to produce a polished piece of prose which bodes well for the future.

I think this delightful tale will appeal to children of all ages and quite a few adults.  At 500 words it is an ideal length to entertain even those with the shortest attention span.  I award ‘Hami and Me’ five shining stars!!


About the Author

Ellie-Mae is eight years old and lives with her parents and younger sister in a town in Derbyshire.

She attends a local primary school and finds herself very busy with her social activities IMG-20170405-WA0008as well as her school work.  She particularly enjoys developing her modern dancing skills as well as swimming and is an active member of her local Brownie pack.  Her favourite subject at school is writing and she plans to continue her short story career.

This year, she came third in both ‘Writer of the Year’ and ‘Scientist of the Year’ competitions at school.

She would like to own a beauty salon eventually but when she has finished education she would like to travel, teach and help the poor in Africa.  She has already appeared on the radio, having been interviewed as part of the Chris Evans Breakfast Show in 2015.  She reached the second stage of Radio Two’s ‘500 Words’ competition earlier this year and already has a story in mind for next year!





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