The Big Day – Diary of Mother of the Groom

Those of you who follow my ramblings regularly, will know I recently attended a fabulous hen weekend – well, it was time to regroup as the day came for bride and groom to tie the knot.

We had a very smooth run-through earlier in the week of the day itself, during which we met up with both sides of the bride’s family. After this, the bride and groom-to-be as well as the respective parents and step-parents, decamped back to our place for a glass of wine and piece of cake as it was Mr JH’s birthday!

The wedding day dawned rather overcast but no suggestion of rain and by lunchtime the skies had cleared and the sun shone on us in all its glory.

IMG_20170502_121832Small catastrophe – I was having a flare of a rather unfortunate foot problem so found I could not walk in my new shoes. Panic while daughter-in-law and her mother rummaged through my wardrobe looking for suitable footwear (whilst I threw myself dramatically on the bed). They found a pair of nude sandals which they assured me would be hidden by the dress anyway (body image issues with my legs so if forced into dresses, I wear maxi length).

The aforementioned hugely talented daughter-in-law (now knows as DiL1) also made and decorated the cake which was stunning.


The service was flawless, the bride looked stunning and the vicar was kind enough to whisper in my ear before I signed the necessary documentation to make sure I remembered to use my legal surname.

We rocked up to the reception at a local restaurant which we had exclusively for the remainder of the day.  The bride (now known as DiL2) had made all the table decorations from wooden discs, jam jars and bric-a-brac.  The groom’s band (he plays bass) came along and entertained us for the evening, with a one-off performance by the groom, his new father-in-law and his brother playing a song they’d secretly rehearsed for the big day.


i-kFCKN9w-XL[1]The groom seemed to touch on a serious note in his speech and we all solemnly and respectfully listened as he said he had hit a particularly difficult time in his life earlier in the year.  He then said that thanks to one person, he had seen there was a bright future after all.  He then proposed a toast to the manager of Crystal Palace Football Club.

A great time was had by all and the happy couple jetted off to Florida two days later. Whilst waiting for their plane, the groom somehow managed to surreptitiously email the local radio station who were covering a Sussex County Cricket Club fixture and got a mention during the commentary.  So good luck to the bride, marrying into this sports-mad family!

Here’s to a fantastic life together as they both embark on the next stage in their respective careers in the Midlands.

Big thank you to everyone who shared the day; family, friends and our church congregation who turned out in force to help us celebrate. The singing was spectacular!


Huge shout out to Dale Weeks Photography as below:


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