Supper on a Shoestring – Love it or Loathe it, Today it’s Liver!

I’ll admit I’m no fan of liver, however Mr JH enjoys it so every now and then, I indulge him. There’s no doubt that it’s a very cheap meal. I bought a pack of lambs liver to feed four for £1.23 in the local supermarket.

As there were only two of us this weekend, I decided to do half as a casserole and half as a risotto.

These recipes are all about disguise.  The first photo looks dire however, just by cutting the liver into small pieces and adding a few herbs, it looks better already (doesn’t it?)!

Ingredients for casserole:

  • Lambs liver (half the pack)
  • Leeks (two)
  • Carrots (two)
  • Bacon (from off-cuts pack)
  • Sweetcorn (frozen, about half a cup)
  • Runner beans (four, found hiding in the bottom of the fridge)
  • Seasonings
  • Red wine (glug)
  • Soy sauce (dash)
  • Tomatoes (one tin)
  • Tomato ketchup (dash)
  • Flour (for coating liver)
  • Stock cube (lamb)
  • Herbs (tarragon, oregano)
  • Oil (garlic infused)


  • Chop liver into small pieces
  • Coat in seasoned flour
  • Fry in pan on moderate heat for a few minutes
  • Transfer to casserole dish
  • Add other ingredients to frying pan for a few minutes
  • Add to casserole dish and cook in moderate oven for an hour.

I served this with mashed potatoes mixed with spring onions and a side of broccoli.

Ingredients for risotto:

  • Arborio rice (one cup)
  • Lambs liver (remainder of the pack, chopped)
  • Onions (two)
  • Garlic (one clove)
  • Peas (frozen, about half a cup)
  • Herbs (mint, basil, parsley)
  • Seasonings
  • White wine (glug)
  • Mushrooms (six)
  • Cream (single)
  • Stock (chicken)


Below is a quick recap on my usual method, alternatively check out my post-Christmas salmon risotto post:

  • Fry rice and onions until soft
  • Add warm stock gradually from saucepan (to keep temperature of risotto constant)
  • Add other ingredients, leaving chopped liver until near the end so it’s tender
  • Finally, add cream and serve with garnish of basil leaves.

Make sure the liver is cut into very small pieces; it’s then possible to flood with flavour and camouflage sufficiently to make the experience for non-liver lovers like myself, quite pleasant.

IMG_5784Helps if you’ve got ice cream to follow … or cake … or … even my particular favourite, panna cotta.

Don’t think I’ve published this recipe, so maybe next time!

(This one actually came out without melting/breaking or ending up on the floor!)

Bye for now.


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4 Responses to Supper on a Shoestring – Love it or Loathe it, Today it’s Liver!

  1. Lydia says:

    I am not a big fan of liver either, but that recipe sounds enticing. Thanks for sharing it, and I hope you’ll share the panna cotta recipe soon.

  2. Sara Dowling says:

    Think I’ll wait for the panama cotta recipe!! You know my thoughts on liver!

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