A Quickie from my Post-Christmas Menu

Salmon Risotto

As usual this year we ate far too much.  In fact our glutinous excesses were shameful even if my latest cholesterol ratio is only 2.5.  Anyway, as the whole family was together on Christmas Eve (twelve) we had a huge roast lamb main course was followed by three different puddings.  Yes, I know …

We decided that for Christmas Day as there would only be four of us, we’d have something light, so chose a side of salmon served with new potatoes. I was wondering what to do with the remainder and decided to try it in a risotto.

It was truly yummy and it used up loads of the leftover vegetables and cream.  So if you fancy it, read on …


  • Salmon pieces – to taste
  • Arborio rice – one cup
  • Carrot – one medium
  • Peas – frozen, one shush from the packet
  • Onion – one small
  • Green beans – handful
  • Garlic – one clove
  • White wine – splash
  • Stock – vegetable or chicken
  • Seasoning – to taste
  • Dill – fresh or dried
  • Mint – fresh or dried
  • Cream – double, single or substitute crème fresh.


  • Cut veg into small piecesimg_20161227_180256102
  • Heat frying pan with small amount of olive oil or substitute olive oil infused with garlic (in which case, leave out the garlic from the ingredients)
  • Fry with Arborio rice
  • Add seasonings and herbs
  • Add warmed stock little by little
  • Add wine
  • Cook until all the stock is added (about a pint) and simmer until liquid is absorbed
  • Add salmon pieces
  • Add cream or crème fresh
  • Serve with baby spinach leaves and rocket.

This is a quick and easy meal which should take no more than half-an-hour or less if you like your rice al dente.

I hope you enjoy the dish and a very Happy New Year to one and all!





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