Office Girl or Feral Novelist?

The end of a pretty strange week.

It’s a long time since I worked formally, so when I had an email from a local GP practice looking for a summariser/coder, my initial reaction was to discard it.

13435573_10153816693225889_761524844597350131_n[1]For the last two years, I’ve been a writer and traveller.  I’ve written three full-length novels and five short stories for children.  In addition, I’ve reviewed roughly seventy books on behalf of other authors.

I’ve also spent most of this year in the Lake District; exploring, writing and getting involved in the local community.  I’ve hiked hundreds of miles, some of them seemingly almost vertical and conquered fifty-nine Wainwright fells.

I’ve forded streams, climbed styles and fallen into bogs.  I’ve buttered scones for fundraising days, knitted blanket squares and made sandwiches for birthday parties – the one thing I haven’t done is work in an office.

Not sure why, but I fished the email out of the recycle bin.  Decided it wouldn’t hurt to go for a chat. My previous interview was about eighteen years ago after being up all night with my youngest child who had a D&V bug. This time he drove me to the healthcare centre to make sure I didn’t run away.

As it transpired, it was more of a ‘would you like to work here?‘ rather than a ‘what makes you think you have the skills for this role’.  So being very flattered, I agreed to give it a try.

First day arrived:

  • hoped I could remember how to use the GP computer system; I couldn’t
  • hoped I wouldn’t have to ask more than ten questions; gave up counting at twenty
  • hoped that being shown around the building would mean I wouldn’t get lost; I did.

On the positive side:

  • didn’t burst into tearsimg_20161105_102352
  • didn’t fall down the stairs
  • didn’t spill my coffee
  • didn’t make a pig noise when I laughed
  • didn’t accidentally delete anything important
  • best of all, I wasn’t told not to bother coming back.

Other plus points:

  • getting dressed
  • styling hair instead of pulling it up dripping wet in a pigtail and drying it at bedtime
  • accepting that eyeliner made me look like a panda and binning it
  • speaking to real people instead of spending all day arguing with my characters.

The question is, will I continue with my new career or am I now too feral to get back into harness?  Fair to say jury is still out at the moment.

Let’s hope this Tuesday I can at least find my way to my desk without getting lost …

The other news this week?  My latest novel was published on Monday and my first five star review arrived on Friday! So, if I hate being an office girl again, I can always go back to the day job.


About jhbooksblog

Hello - I'm Julie Haiselden, an occasional NHS med sec/practice administrator. Mother of three, wife of one, a chaotic cook and published crime/thriller novelist who blogs a bit about books, life and food. School alumna. Occasional am-dram actress/director. I enjoy walking and photography (although my enthusiasm outweighs my skill set). I've recently joined the reviewing team at Whispering Stories and can be found via the following social media sites: I also accept a few hard copy novels to review.
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3 Responses to Office Girl or Feral Novelist?

  1. Terry Tyler says:

    Interesting, interesting….. I haven’t gone out to work in seven years and the very thought fills me with revulsion. Twice I’ve gone back to it after a break – 30 years ago I had a shop for five years and afterwards went back to working for a local water authority. What I found so hard was having to abide by all the tedious rules; why did it matter if I took fifteen minutes for my cigarette break instead of ten, if I did all my work??? The second time I’d been at home writing for several years in the 90s and went back to work after a relationship break up. I liked it, it got me out in the world again. I think it depends on your current mindset!!!

    • jhbooksblog says:

      That’s the problem, Terry, I have no idea what I want. I have been rather unsettled since returning from Cumbria. I am trying this out for a while to see if it’s the right direction for me; as I said in my blog, the jury is still out … thanks for your comment, great to chat to you as always.

      • Terry Tyler says:

        I think I’m completely unsuited to it now, Julie. I’ve become too antisocial! And it’s the thought of all that lovely writing and reading time….! I hope it works out for you x

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