Life Goes On …

Update on THE BIG MOVE.

Without going into boring detail, our provider who shall remain nameless but has three letters and begins with S, messed up our reconnection to the world. The end result is  I shall be without broadband for a minimum of a month at best estimate.

To add insult to injury, said provider when presenting me with an invoice for their mistake and when I queried it,  asked if I’d checked my account recently!  How the frig can I do that without any bleeping broadband! Thinking of adding their customer service line to friends and family.

However, I’m looking for positives;  I survived for years without all the clever stuff I can do it again.  So it’s the simple life for me for now and it’s fine, absolutely fine …

Okay, I’m lying I spend my days engineering invitations from friends and the first thing I do when I’m across the threshold, is whip out my laptop and as for their password.  A month is a terribly long time isn’t it?   What do I do in times of stress?  I post another fell photo …



About jhbooksblog

Hello - I'm Julie Haiselden, an occasional NHS med sec/practice administrator. Mother of three, wife of one, a chaotic cook and published crime/thriller novelist who blogs a bit about books, life and food. School alumna. Occasional am-dram actress/director. I enjoy walking and photography (although my enthusiasm outweighs my skill set). I've recently joined the reviewing team at Whispering Stories and can be found via the following social media sites: I also accept a few hard copy novels to review.
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4 Responses to Life Goes On …

  1. Terry Tyler says:

    Read. Write. Walk some more and take photos! When I was in hospital earlier this year I had no internet and read about 6 books, and actually WROTE SOMEONE A LETTER IN LONGHAND!!! I think it does us good to be without it sometimes. I usually have 4 breaks of 5 days each per year when I go to stay with my father (he is tech savvy and has internet, but I choose to take this break) – it’s actually rather peaceful. And you talk more. 🙂

    A month, though…. crikey!!!

    • jhbooksblog says:

      Yes, if it was out of choice then it would be absolutely fine. Still, we’ve been to see the firstborn in Southampton for the weekend so managed to catch up on loads of internet stuff; not sure I remembered to ask him how he was though … Good to hear from you, Terry. PS: I’m totally impressed that you wrote a letter with a pen.

  2. Rosie Amber says:

    You’ll be the queen of the free WiFi zones within a week!

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