Orchids by Kim Bogren Owen – Review

This book is aimed at young children and was reviewed by Stacey for


Author – Kim Bogren Owen
Publisher – Words Reflected
Pages – 28
Release Date – 6th May 2016

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis - Orchids

Orchids features beautiful photographs that bring the beauty and appeal of orchids to life. In addition to introducing children to the diversity of orchids, this book introduces simple science concepts. Developed for children between the ages of 2 and 8, the concepts in this books include opposites, diversity, pollination, and symmetry.

This book includes a page with ideas for activities that expand on the concepts introduced in Orchids. These activities include simple art projects, as well as conversation starters to make the concepts meaningful to young children.

Review - Orchids

Orchids is a lovely, short book aimed at young children. The idea behind the book is to show the children that there are lots of different kinds of orchids across the world, just like there are lots of different kinds of people across the world.

I’m not much of a flower lover, hence my garden has concrete flags, not flowers. However, I do happen to have one flower in my home, an orchid, bought by my children some years back for Mothers Day. I always presumed that all orchids looked alike, and never realised that there were so many different orchids out there, including some I would of never have guessed were orchids.

Each page of the book contain a beautiful photograph of a different orchid. The author has obviously used some very talented photographers, as the pictures are truly stunning.

At the back of the book is a list of activities that can be done with the child whilst reading the book. These activities have been designed to help the children expand their concept and vocabulary, such as count the number of petals, and then find something in the home with that same number.

I would say that very young children, 18 months – 3 years would be the best age range for this book, and possibly some of the older generation that have a love of flowers, as they would love to look at the pictures.

This is a cute book that educates at the same time.

Reviewed by Stacey

My rating:

Four stars

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About the Author - Orchids

Kim Bogren Owen

Kim Bogren Owen, as a child, became inspired by The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy to write. These stories, among others, and a childhood spent playing in the foothills of Colorado Springs became the inspiration for her desire to help children see the world as a magical, wondrous place.

Armed with a BA in Anthropology, she started her career out of a college as a preschool teacher where she began to tell stories again. These times with young children telling stories inspired her to begin to write, but it was years before she would think of publishing her stories and years more before she would begin that process.

Her career in Early Childhood Education starting as a teacher, and ultimately becoming a consultant and trainer, provides her with the understanding and resources to support young children and their parents through her books.

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