Clive’s Cumbrian Chronicles – Blog 8

Back after a weekend break

Published 29 May 2016

Weekend Away

Sorry if you were looking for a post last week but we were away with no internet access. My father has been poorly and our younger son recently became engaged so we went south for a few days to catch up with our family and our home church.  Very enjoyable it was but after four days we were itching to get back to Cumbria.

The trip gave me a chance to bring my cycle up so in addition to walking I will be able to ride in this area.


Last time I wrote about preparation for walks and today I thought I would share with you the contents of my rucksack.

8.1 Rucksack contents

Roughly from top left to bottom right I have an adjustable walking pole, waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, woollen mittens, rucksack with waterproof cover, woollen hat, small towel, baseball cap to keep sun and rain off my glasses, lunch box, map in waterproof holder, guide (usually a photocopy or printout), glasses strap for very windy conditions, compass, first aid kit, elasticated knee bandage, pencil and paper, foil blanket, 1st Central pedometer never used, paracetamol, torch, penknife, whistle, phone including camera, and water.

Missing is a chocolate bar tucked away in the rucksack which is for emergency energy only and yesterday I also took a small portable radio to follow the test match.

A number of the smaller items are for emergencies and have never been used but you never know when I may need to summon help or patch myself up. These items are light and I have to eat very little porridge to get the energy to carry them.

Why the towel? If you need to cross a beck and there is no bridge or stepping stones then remove your shoes and socks and wade across.


Recent walks:

14 May; Buckbarrow, Seatallan8.2 Buckbarrow

I did this walk on 27 April and Julie came with me this time.

Buckbarrow is a short but steep climb and the area above the cliffs is enchanting with rocky outcrops to explore.  The long walk to the top of Seatallan was a drag but the wind was warmer than the previous occasion.

We descended by a steep grassy slope and walked back along Grisedale Beck to the car.


16 May; Green Gable, Base Brown, Brandreth and Grey Knotts 8.3 Buttermere from Green Gable

This is a frequently walked round when done from Seathwaite or Honister. Because we live to the west I walked from Wasdale Head to Sty Head and up Aaron Slack to Green Gable.  From there I walked down to Base Brown but had to return most of the way up Green Gable to get round to Brandreth and Grey Knotts.  From there a long but easy walk on the Moses Trod took me back to the car.

This was for me a long trek which “ticked off” four Wainwrights. All produced good views on a clear day although each fell was a little less attractive than the one before.


25 May; Haystacks and Fleetwith Pike

8.4 Innominate Tarn, HaystacksWe climbed from the Honister slate mine visitor attraction, saving £5.00* by parking in a layby down the hill. After passing the working quarry this is an attractive and fairly gentle climb, the summit of Haystacks is varied and pretty.

From Haystacks we returned to the disused quarry area and ascended Fleetwith Pike through heather aiming to meet a path which we found just short of the summit. From there we walked back to the visitor attraction via the attractive path over Fleetwith Crags.

 *There is a cheaper car park at the same site if you turn to the left when you enter the visitor attraction and this costs £3.50.

Next time I will probably look in more detail at clothing.



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