Rosa the Pirate by Ellie-Mae

Once there was a pirate called Rosa. She wore a long, hot pink, ragged dress with a black netted underskirt, half ripped.  One long gold earring hung from her right ear.  On her other ear, her long, light brown hair was swept into a side ponytail so everyone who met her could see her beautiful gold earring.  She liked to listen to the radio, especially radio 2.

The thing Rosa liked almost as much as the music was listening to the weather report. Rosa needed to know the weather so she could keep her and her shipmates safe.  Rosa was a kind pirate with lots of wonderful pirate friends.

 And this is where the story begins…..

One Tuesday morning at breakfast Rosa was listening to Radio 2, as usual. Today’sIMG_20160415_103521868 weather was, like it had been for the last month, going to be very hot and very sunny. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and only a small breeze rippled across the sea.

Rosa and her shipmates spent the day preparing the ship, ready to set sail that evening.

They headed West across the waters, who knew where they were heading, that was Captain Jo’s job! Later that evening after Rosa had supper she went to bed.

Early next morning her alarm clock started to ring. It’s a wonder it still worked, the face was cracked and the alarm bells were rusty. It was 5.25 a.m. Rosa dragged herself out of bed, quickly dressing before going out on deck.

Rosa couldn’t believe her eyes, there were black clouds on the horizon, the ship was being tossed from side to side in the strong wind, rain and hail hitting the deck. Rosa ran to the other shipmates to tell of the storm. They all ran to the deck, trying to steer the ship to safety. The winds were too strong and before they knew it, the crew of merry pirates were washed ashore! They climbed to safety just as the ship began to sink. They couldn’t believe it, all their treasure and belongings were gone. Rosa thought this was the end for the pirate crew.

Later that day as the storm settled, Rosa wandered around the island they had ended up on. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye, she saw something gold shimmering in the distance.  Rosa walked towards it and the gold rock began to speak to her. “Rosa, I am your only hope” Rosa was flabbergasted, “How do you know my name?” shouted Rosa.

“Shhh” the rock said, “that doesn’t matter, just make a wish for anything you want”

“Really? A wand, oh please, I really do need a wand with special powers” begged Rosa.

 That minute a wand appeared in her right hand, she gave it a flick, whilst saying “ship, ship, ship, please give me an unsinkable ship!”

Before her very eyes, a ship was rising from the seas, a gold unsinkable ship!

 She gathered her pirate friends together and they all set sail!

Reviewed by Julie (on loan from Whispering Stories)


Rosa is part of a pirate crew on a ship from a land far away.  She well and truly broke the mould where the average pirate was concerned as whilst she was happy to plunder with the best of them,  she had a very altruistic nature particularly when it came to her own shipmates.  All her resourcefulness was soon to be put to the test …


This is the first short story by Miss Ellie-Mae and is the tale of a pirate who belongs to a ship’s crew headed by Captain Jo.   The descriptive passages are strong and paint a vivid picture of Rosa, whom Ellie-Mae portrays as a very caring person.

The writing style is clear and even-paced, which can be difficult within the constraints of a five hundred word limit. It is impressive that Ellie-Mae has made full use of the literary devices at her disposal and her clever topical references to the radio add an extra dimension to her tale and anchor it in reality for the reader.

Ellie-Mae uses her impressive illustrative skills as she takes us on a perilous journey under dark skies and her strong command of English allows her to successfully dramatise the situation in which the pirates find themselves.

This is a charming piece written with care and commitment to her task and I look forward to reading much more from this talented author.  Whilst I thoroughly recommend this tale to anyone who enjoys an action-packed short story, I think it will appeal mainly to the five to ten year age group.   I have no hesitation in awarding Ellie-Mae a richly-deserved five stars.


About the Author

Ellie-Mae is seven years old and lives with her parents and younger sister in DerbysFullSizeRenderhire.

She attends a local primary school and finds herself very busy with her social activities as well as her school work.  She particularly enjoys dancing and swimming and is an active member of her local Brownie pack.  Her favourite subject at school is writing and she plans to continue her short story career.

She would like to own a beauty salon eventually but when she has finished education she would like to travel, teach and help the poor in Africa.  She has already appeared on the radio, having been interviewed as part of the Chris Evans Breakfast Show last year.


About jhbooksblog

Hello - I'm Julie Haiselden, an occasional NHS med sec/practice administrator. Mother of three, wife of one, a chaotic cook and published crime/thriller novelist who blogs a bit about books, life and food. School alumna. Occasional am-dram actress/director. I enjoy walking and photography (although my enthusiasm outweighs my skill set). I've recently joined the reviewing team at Whispering Stories and can be found via the following social media sites: I also accept a few hard copy novels to review.
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4 Responses to Rosa the Pirate by Ellie-Mae

  1. Sally Pounds says:

    Lovely and exciting story! I love the description of the alarm clock.

  2. rileyjfroud says:

    That’s a sweet story 🙂 It’s really easy to picture Rosa. Some days, I wish I had a magical wand haha!

  3. jhbooksblog says:

    Thank you for your comment Riley – I read Ellie-Mae’s story and was very happy to offer her a guest spot on my blog. I think she has a bright future as an author. I understand there is a queue for the wands!!

  4. Elaine Yeoman says:

    That is a lovely story Ellie-Mae very well thought out.

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