The Beautiful Blogger Award

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What an unexpected honour to be nominated by the truly wonderful @nicoletteelzie!

  • Why do we blog?  Hopefully because we have something to share.
  • Why do we follow?  Because we want to hear what other people have to say.  Initially I reciprocated every follow but over time I’ve started to be more discerning and I now look forward to posts from my favourite blogger friends.

The Rules:

  1. Link to the blogger who took the time to nominate you.
  2. List seven random things about yourself.
  3. Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers.
  4. Notify the amazing people that you nominated for the award.

Seven Random Things About Me:

  1. I’ve climbed seven out of the top ten peaks in England and got back down in one piece but wrecked my ankle falling down a curb when I was walking home from work
  2. I can’t read maps so that would be the reason I married Mr JH
  3. I hate flying and my mantra is: ‘I’m not going to scream; I’m not going to vomit’
  4. I started writing two years ago after much procrastination and now can’t stop (either)Reviews
  5. I’m a senior school alumna
  6. I have three children who’ve grown and flown
  7. I’ve acted in  and directed several am-dram productions and usually stick to comedy as  the audience invariably ends up in stitches regardless of the genre.

My Seven Nominations (yes I know I can’t count):

(if anyone has beaten me to nominating this amazing lot then I’m clearly not the only one with good taste)

  1. @terrytyler4 –
  2. @Tehlorkay –
  3. @rileyjfroud –
  4. @malcolmwelshman –
  5. @jefffunnell1 –
  6. @claraval –
  7. @marciastry –
  8. @proofreadjulia –

About Julie Haiselden

Between 1999-2019, I worked in the NHS and am now a Church of England verger and National Trust room guide. I've written three published novels and am an amateur blogger. As well as being a school alumna, I occasionally tread the boards. I enjoy rambling and taking photos. Since 2016, I've been part of the reviewing team at Whispering Stories.
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10 Responses to The Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. “wrecked my ankle falling down a curb when I was walking home from work” – That sounds like me! On top of not being very graceful in a general sense, I find it funny that while I can accomplish some strange incredible tasks that even I’m impressed with, I often find that the most mundane things are my greatest nemesis. Something like an epic struggle for my life as I battle a treacherous wire hanger, for example. *shakes head* I bring no end of humor into my husband’s life, this I am sure of (he tells me all the time). I feel like a walking comedy act. ^.^

    I very much understand procrastinating with writing. (And the part about now that we’ve started we can’t stop.)

    Thanks for posting this so quickly! I loved reading your facts, getting to know you better and just being able to honor you and all your talents! Have a wonderful weekend! *Hugs across the miles*

  2. Thank you again for nominating me 🙂 It really brightened up an afternoon otherwise filled with the dreaded ironing (*groan*) and other housework!

  3. Thank you very much, Julie! I really appreciate the nomination. I’ll be checking out the other beautiful blogs, too. 🙂

  4. Terry Tyler says:

    Thank you! I still haven’t found a moment to do the confessions one, I will try to do both! xx

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