The Finishing Post!

Diary Entry – April 2014 

Loads of bits to be sent off to publisher.  Have managed all the bio stuff and ideas for cover design but they also want a photo.  Hit on cunning plan – send one of daughter.  Decided that was cheating.  Sent one of self … in sepia.

Diary Entry – June 2014

First time I saw my manuscript in novel format; it actually looked like something you see in the library – a book!  That was the good news.

Lots of underlining and crossed out bits from Tom the proof reader.  That was the bad news.

Just like being at school squirming in front of English teacher.  At least I didn’t get a “see me” in the margin or a “where on earth do you think you are going with this Julie Haiselden – absolute nonsense”.

Diary Entry – July 2014

Sent back manuscript with agreed changes and a few things that I thought of …

Eldest child suggests blog (what’s that?).  He said they are very popular apparently and promptly set one up for me.  Well I need to give that some thought obviously.  Account subsequently sits dormant for several months while I resort to procrastination.

Diary Entry – December 2014

Received revised manuscript for final sign off; whacked off holding reply to publisher as I had Christmas to worry about.  Had to buy presents for family so that they could take them back to shops afterwards and get credit notes for things they actually wanted.

It was suggested that I needed to have a Twitter account – Middle Management to the fore!  In addition, a dedicated Facebook page.

Diary Entry – January 2015

Sent back manuscript with agreed changes and a few more things that I thought of with grovelling note of apology to production team attached.  Had already put a jokey comment on Twitter in the hope of managing their expectations.

Diary Entry – March 2015 

Liaising with marketing for imminent launch.  Finally accepting this is really happening and pathetically excited to see article about self in local newspaper.

Kindle edition released on 9 March.  Feedback from readers very favourable so far with an abundance of five star reviews! Paperback released 31 March – dates coincide with my birthday and that of eldest child – good omens hopefully.

Diary Entry – 31 March 2015 (first entry as published author!) 

Thank you for hanging-on-in-there with my blogs over recent months. If you would like to read “Long Shadows” it is available from Amazon as a download or paperback and also in paperback from Waterstones, WH Smith, Foyles and Blackwells.


Please have a look at my existing reviews on Amazon and if you would like to, maybe add to them.

Please keep in touch with me via Twitter @juliehaiselden and Facebook Julie Haiselden Books.


About jhbooksblog

Hello - I'm Julie Haiselden, an occasional NHS med sec/practice administrator. Mother of three, wife of one, a chaotic cook and published crime/thriller novelist who blogs a bit about books, life and food. School alumna. Occasional am-dram actress/director. I enjoy walking and photography (although my enthusiasm outweighs my skill set). I've recently joined the reviewing team at Whispering Stories and can be found via the following social media sites: I also accept a few hard copy novels to review.
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  1. mr b cooks says:

    Can’t wait for my copy to arrive through the post!

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